Accelerated Reader:  Accelerated Reader is an individualized reading program. Teachers set goals for each student. Students are encouraged to work toward their personal goal- this is not a competition between students. It is designed to promote individual success in reading.

Book titles: 

*If students reach their goal, they will receive small incentives and an award at the end of year. 

C0-Chairs: Kristen Wages, Amy Rosen, Huan Zheng


Adopt-a-Book:  The Adopt-a-Book committee identifies books to "sell" at Open House which are then donated to the Evansdale Media Center Library. Each book is labeled with a nameplate honoring the donor. 

Chair: Becky Bitsko


Book Fair:  The Book Fair committee schedules and organizes a fall, winter and spring book fair to promote literacy and raise funds for the school.  The committee serves as the liaison with Scholastic.

Co-Chairs: Sandi Waters and Lynette Finch


Box Tops/Free Fundraising:  The Box Tops/Free Fundraising committee promotes the collections of Box Tops by the students and their families.  The committee collects and counts the box tops and raises funds for Evansdale.  The committee also manages the fundraising programs offered through Publix and Kroger.

Chair: Menar Hamid


Budget Ways and Means:  This committee is charged with reviewing and making recommendations regarding the PTA budget.



By Laws:  This committee ensures the PTA abides by the prescribed rules.



Communications:  This committee maintains the communication between the PTA and the school as well as the PTA's social media presence.



Cultural Arts:  The Cultural Arts committee works to bring the arts to everyone at Evansdale Elementary. We do so through a variety of programs, assemblies and fundraisers.  We encourage parents to participate in as many ways as possible to help inspire your children with a lifelong love of all of the arts: music, theater, dance, visual arts and more.

Co-Chairs: Natalie Daly and Amy Rene 


Directory:   The Directory committee organizes the documents for Open House and (traditionally) formats/distributes the hard copies purchased. This role has evolved to organize the Open House documents and assist with the Evansdale website and online directory. 

Chair: Cari Lichtman


Eagle Trek:   Eagle Trek is a Walk-A-Thon hosted by the Evansdale Education Foundation. Proceeds from the event and sponsor contributions benefit both the Evansdale PTA and Education Foundation.   These organizations invest in teacher training, classroom technology and resources, enrichment materials, and additional staffing not provided by the county.  The benefits of these investments are felt by Evansdale students each and every school day.

Co-Chairs: Suzanne Schultz and Vicky Horner


EvansDads:  The EvansDads committee plans and organizes the yearly Father/Daughter Valentine dance.

Chair: Jerry Appleman


Fantastic Friday:  The Fantastic Friday committee plans and orga

Chair: Lisa Fernandez  


Fifth Grade Chair:  This chair (and committee) works with the Evansdale administration and faculty to organize the special fifth grade events- overnight trips, graduation, etc.

Chair: Abigail Carlton



Grounds Beautification:  The Grounds Beautification committee helps to maintain and improve the grounds on our campus by coordinating two clean up days during the school year.

Chair: Jerry Appleman 


Hospitality:  The hospitality committee provides meals and treats to the faculty and staff on special days when they will be working additional hours.



International Night: An event to celebrate the many countries and cultures that are represented at Evansdale. This event takes place in the spring and allows children to learn about cultures, customs, and foods from around the world. 

Co-Chairs: Jessica Palumbo and Diana Flanagan


Kilometer Kids:  This is a running program for kids ages 7-12. At Evansdale it takes place before and after school and is run by volunteers. Parents can enroll their children for fall or spring. The program includes running, games, drills, stretching and education on eating healthy.

Co-Chairs: Brett Broussard


Legislation: This committee is responsible for making, enacting, and following PTA laws. 



Literary Guild: A special reading program that helps children discover literature of different genres. 

Chair: Literary Guild


Membership: The PTA Membership committee works diligently to engage parents in joining the PTA. 

Chair: Melissa Bachman


Olympic Day: A field day where children compete in races and events like tug-of-war. Classes are grouped together to represent different countries.



Room Parent Coordinator:  The Room Parent Coordinator acts as a liasion between each classroom, the PTA, and the school administration.



Run 4 Fun:  The Run 4 Fun is a communitiy 5K held in the spring to promote healthy living among the Evansdale students, faculty, staff, and parents.

Chair: Jim Bitsko


School Pictures: The School Pictures committee works with the administration and vendor to secure the date(s) for School Pictures. They also assist with day-of activities. 

Chair: Carrie Lindemann


Special Luncheons: The Special Luncheons committee works with the administration and nutrition staff to organize the Grandparents' and Holiday luncheons. 

Co-Chairs: Kate Hinkel and Molly Woods


Spirit Night:  The Spirit Night committee schedules and organizes special dining events at local restaurants to promote school community.



Spirit Wear:  The Spirit Wear committee selects and sells items such as t-shirts, hats, car magnets, etc. to help promote school community and pride. 

Chair: Laura Sauceda


Square 1 Art:  The Square 1 Art committee works with the art teacher to coordinate and promote the Square 1 Art fundraiser in the fall.  The committee collects the art completed by the students and distributes the ordered products when they arrive.  The committee acts as the liaison with the Square 1 Art company.

Chair: Lisa Fernandez


STEM Night:  The STEM Night committee plans the Evansdale STEM Night held each spring.  The committee locates members of the community in careers related to STEM to participate in this special event.

Chair: Becky Bitsko and Dawn Laney


Teacher Appreciation:  The Teacher Appreciation committee organizes monthly lunches hosted by a grade-level for the Evansdale faculty and staff.

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Chang 


Teacher Representative:  The Teacher Representative acts as a liasion between the PTA and the faculty.

Chair: Jennifer Harris


Volunteer Coordinator:  The Volunteer Coordinator organizes volunteer opportunities across the PTA.

Chair: Greer Hagler


Welcome Committee: The Welcome committee works with the community, administration, and room parents to identify and welcome new families to Evansdale. 

Co-Chairs: Nisy Jaya


Yearbook:  The Yearbook committee publishes, sells and distributes the Evansdale yearbook.  They attend or appoint others to capture photos at school events and then do a final review of all submitted photos to determine yearbook content.

Chair: Summer Emrich

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